Information for speakers

Duration of talks

Given the full program of talks, it is important that speakers keep to time. That will ensure timely running of sessions and will keep concurrent sessions in sync with each other. 

Standard talks are allocated a total timeslot of 15 min, including questions.  We ask you to plan your talk to be a maximum of 12-13 min in length, to allow time for questions and for smooth changeover of speakers.

Speed talks are allocated a total timeslot of 5 min, including questions.  We ask you to plan your talk to be a maximum of 3-4 min in length.

Uploading your presentation

Please upload your final presentation using the link that was emailed to you by the specified deadlines. Although we realise that people like to tinker with their talks until the last minute, smooth running of sessions will require upload well in advance.

The screens / projectors in Kambri are 16:9 aspect ratio.  Ideally if presentations are made in this aspect ratio that is best, but presentations in 4:3 are also fine.

In-person presentations should be uploaded in PowerPoint format (not Keynote, Prezi etc.) or as a pdf at least 24 hours before your scheduled talk.  Please keep your files to a manageable size by compressing embedded media in PowerPoint. That will help with downloading, opening and running talks on conference computers. 

Please name your files surname_DAY e.g. Fagan-Jeffries_MONDAY

For online presenters, we want to facilitate live presentations over Zoom, but also require a pre-recorded video, as a back-up in case there are technical problems on the day.  The pre-recorded version of your talk, preferably showing both the slides and the presenter on-screen, should be uploaded in mp4 format by Monday Nov 20.  Please keep your video files to a manageable size.  If you would prefer to use the pre-recorded video, and just answer questions live, rather than giving the full presentation live, please let us know by return email.  

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